Monday, October 24, 2005


My girlfriend is in a right state. Her sis has been texting her all evening so far. It`s so hard seeing her upset and being so helpless. Her sister doted on Amber, she was like a little child to her. She was her life, and now it`s gone. Life really does suck sometimes.

We only saw her (Amber) yesterday, and now she`s dead. She was laying on our bed, playing. It doesn`t seem real. At least whoever hit her had the decency to take her to the vets. But the vet said she wouldn`t have known what hit her so didn`t suffer. Which is something I guess.

It doesn`t help (in some ways) that we have Garfield, Amber`s brother. My girlfriend just looks at him and bursts into tears.

Some people probably think this is all a bit much. Getting so upset over a cat. But our animals are more than that. They`re a part of our family. And to be honest, a lot more preferable to people sometimes.