Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Humans never fail to disgust me

This story is in all the papers today...if anybody knows her address i`d love to pay her a personal visit! Apparently she`s only been jailed for 6 weeks.

A sick mum took revenge on her annoying cat by boiling it to death in the washing machine.

Fluffy took up to ten minutes to die — breaking his claws as he tried desperately to escape, a court heard.

Holly Thacker, 34, said the cat became "weird and a bit vicious" and had started living outside the house. JPs were told she admitted her crime to her horrified ex-husband and daughters, aged 15 and five. She said she killed the cat because it scratched her.

Husband Simon, thought she was joking at first — but then Thacker showed him the animal’s body in a wheelie bin.

Simon told the Norwich court: "The cat was dead and soaking wet. She said it was a boiling wash. I told her it was disgusting and cruel."

Vet Mark Bestbier said the terror the cat suffered while drowning was revealed by broken claws on all four paws.

He said the reddish colour of the dead cat’s skin showed the water she drowned in was warm.

He said: "The disorientation of a rotating drum and the filling with water would have been a terrifying process."