Sunday, October 23, 2005

I has returned!

A 3 hour drive home down a rainy M1 with roadworks n accidents and i`m knackered! Had a cracking weekend tho. Got to my girlfriend`s sister`s house at about 8:30 friday night and ate tons of pizza and watched crappy tv. Laid in way too long on Saturday and rushed around like a mad thing trying to put a suit on and tie a bloody tie properly! And yes, you read that right...I wore a suit!

The wedding went really well. As in, ate loads of food and got pissed. Ended up videoing the wedding itself which was pretty cool. Wasn`t a big do, we left at about 10pm and went to the pub. So the night ended just before midnight after drinking vodka, bitter, wine, champagne and more vodka...not all in the same glass tho!

Went for a meal with my girlfriend, her sis and husband at their dad and his girlfriend`s house today. Got loads of computer bits n stuff to sell on ebay so ended coming home with more things than we came with.

Survived the weekend quite well considering me and my girlfriend slept in a single bed and managed to avoid any embarrassing moments meeting her sis on the way to the toilet!

So gonna soak in the bath cos I ache like mad, then rip an old pc apart to see what I can scrounge out of it.

Need another weekend to recover from this one.