Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin madness

Well my arm and hand aches from attempting to carve spooky images into pumpkins. Managed to do a vampire skull fairly well. My pumpkin is kinda going soft which doesn`t help tho.

Made a valiant attempt at cooking sunday dinner today. Girlfriend left me to it. So we had yorkshire puddings that looked more like pancakes and enough roast potatoes to feed the street! Still, it tasted ok so thats the main thing.

Finally got round to buying Neverwinter Nights deluxe edition for the pc today. Gotta love rpg games! Finished the original game a while ago, lent it to a mate who turned into a wanker and still has it! So went out and bought the original game with the two expansion packs. Going through a real fantasy phase at the minute. Working my way through the Dragonlance books.

I sure I used to only read fantasy because all the women were scantily clad, or naked...not sure what the reason is now. Probably the same!