Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Had a better day today. Amazing what a good nights sleep will do. Considering I had a cat welded to my side all last night I think I slept pretty well!

Had to take Garfield (the cat in question) to the vets yesterday to have his yearly vaccination. I think we need a bigger cat box! was a bit of a nightmare getting him in the thing. Altho he was quiet all the way there bless him. He`s been sleepy all day today so i`m wondering if we can give him an injection every day to keep him calm....joke!

I tried sending a post to my blog via my mobile phone, but it didn`t seem to want to work. I shall keep trying until it does work tho, lol. I don`t like it when these things are meant to do wonderful things then don`t. I take it personally, lol.

Well it`s time I did my little ritual of checking my fave websites, gmail, digg, ebay, bloglines, flickr. It`s a bit sad I know, but i`d hate to miss something exciting n techy I could bore my girlfriend rigid with!