Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wooooh! Ooooh!

Well, getting into the halloween spirit. Girlfriend is busy hollowing out pumpkins for me to annihilate attempting to carve a spooky face onto it. Got a (hopefully) scary film to watch as well.

Got fireworks going off all over the place. I hate fireworks. Well, I hate them for our animal`s sake. Scares the crap out of our two cats. The whole bonfire night tends to pass me by to be honest. I think it gets further and further away from the actual meaning as the years go by. I`m all for organised bonfire parties. But I reckon they should not sell fireworks to the general public. If nothing else it`ll stop little fuckers shoving lighted ones into cats mouths and other such horrific things.

Got the first bit of Christmas shopping done. Bought a Budweiser gift set for my girlfriend`s sister`s husband. Bud tastes like nats piss to me so it`ll be safe until we can give it to him.