Monday, November 07, 2005

Careful careful

Well my girlfriend reads my blog now so I better be careful what I type. Have I mentioned how lovely she is, lol.

Except when it comes to computers. She better than the average person. But sometimes it takes some explaining about things. I`m not the best teacher in the world which doesn`t help and I have the patience of a saint who`s failed the 'being as patient as a saint' exam. Sometimes I wish she would just say 'ah yeah, right' like I made perfect sense. Then go to something like wikipedia and find a better explanation!

Our rat`s foot is so much better today. Had to try and get some medicine down him which was fun. And thank God bonfire night is over. Still got a few fireworks going off but nothing like it was over the weekend. Both our poor cats were so stressed. And the EU want to make the damn things louder! A couple landed in the garden as well.

Ok, grumble over with