Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Oh yeah, had a really weird dream last night. Don`t usually remember them so thought i`d write it down cos i`m bound to forget to tell Z about it.

Anyway, apparently I went to the ballet. Or was it the opera? Well, whichever, the main star was Rachel Stevens, mmm, nice. I went with a guy I work with, i`ll just call him S. Well, this opera/ballet thing went on for a while. So I started to look around at the other people in the place. We had one of those balcony/boxes type things. In the next box was my ex-girlfriend i`ll call N. She was there with another girl. Who I assumed was her girlfriend for some strange reason. Anyway, we keep smiling at each other and as the opera/ballet was droaning on we both creep out the back of our boxes for a chat. We both sit on the floor, backs against the wall and just start talking about God knows what. We then start flicking crisps into our boxes at the people we came with.

We do this until we get bored n go back in to see what is going on. The curtain has gone down and the peeps we came with are fast asleep. The place is still full tho. We go back out for a laugh about our snoozing friends and decide we should wake them up and go our seperate ways. So we go into our boxes and our friends have gone! In fact the whole place is empty. Deathly silent, then one by one the lights start to go out until we are in pitch darkness.

Things go a little fuzzy after that, I think I woke up soon afterwards cos I remember thinking to myself 'what the hell was all that about'.

I need one of those books to understand dreams!