Sunday, November 13, 2005


Woo, downloaded and listened to couple of podcasts this morning, including The Mike Tech Show. He gave a shoutout to me about the message I left him on skype!...woo. Ok, so it`s not gonna set me on the road to stardom but it was a cool moment :)

Nothing exciting to tell. Had a lazy day, some of my stuff seems to be selling on ebay, so that`ll be a few pennies for Christmas. Trying not to spend too much this year as we bought a new car and have to be careful with the money, so i`m trying novel new ways to get Christmas presents without spending too much. All legal of course! Pigsback is one such site where you can earn points towards vouchers, online surveys is another altho that takes a while to earn enough money to be worthwile. So I resort to selling stuff that`s been gathering dust for a while on ebay.

Really want to buy 2 more pet rats. We went to the pet shop yesterday and they had 2 really cute looking little girls. They were housed on sawdust which is terrible for their respiration. One was sneezing some and I nearly bought them on the spot. But we haven`t really got the room for them. It broke my heart walking out of there without them and I haven`t been able to stop worrying about them since.

Keep telling myself I can`t save every animal, doesn`t help though.