Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Food glorious food

Well, as I type this my wonderful girlfriend is preparing our tea. She`s talked me into trying burgers with leek in. Now, anybody who knows me knows I have the weirdest phobia towards food known to man. Phobia isn`t really the right word. But i`m fussy. I`m beyond fussy.

Most of it is psycological. I have a long list of foods I don`t like and if I find i`m eating something containing an item of food off my hit list I will want to be sick. Anything containing fruit or vegetables in any quantity is an instant no no. So why was I okay when my (wonderful) girlfriend baked a chocolate and apple cake and I had a big slice? I couldn`t really taste the apple, I couldn`t tell I was eating it but I knew I was eating it.

It really is annoying as it stops me eating a lot off what otherwise look wonderful meals. It`s a nightmare at restaraunts. Altho I usually have the fish!

I think my girlfriend is changing the way my brain views food little by little. I don`t think i`ll ever just grab a tomato and start eating it but as long as it`s shredded very finely and is only 1% of the meal then i`ll probably be okay eating it without dying!

If I never post anything else after this then you know the leek was not okay.