Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Well i`m in quite a good mood at the minute, so it feels a bit funny that i`m gonna have a rant. I`ve been holding this in all day really so I should let it out.

Am I the only human being who literally 'wouldn`t hurt a fly'? A workmate came in with a wasp clinging onto the back of his jacket. He`d been up in a warm, dark workspace so I guess the wasp had gone their to hibernate (if they do!) or something. Anyway, I managed to remove his passanger from him and the little thing just fell to the ground. All groggy like. It just about manages to get the strength to start to fly when this other guy I work with took this almighty swipe with this foot and kicked it across the room!

Now, I know it`s 'only a wasp' but come on! There was no need for that. The wasp landed on a table and was clearly injured. One leg looked all broken up and it couldn`t seem to walk straight or anything. I ended up having to kill it as quickly as I could.

It just fucks me off when people do such pointless things. Kicking a wasp to death or kicking a puppy to death, I personally do not differentiate between animals. Then!..then!..the guy said 'aww, I feel kinda sorry for it now'. Then why the fuck do it in the first place!

Maybe i`m too soft, but I think i`d rather be that way sometimes.