Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Ok, i`m in a funny mood. Must be something to do with the weather cos my girlfriend is in a funny mood. I`m just pissed off with everything. This post is so gonna be nothing but a whine and a bitch from me.

I get days when all I want is to be on my own, alone. Nothing and nobody around me. I get days when i`m the exact opposite. And I get days when I don`t know what the hell I want. I think it`s the build up to Christmas. I have no idea what to get my girlfriend. Which isn`t much of a problem cos I have no money anyway. Which is something else. I`m sick of having no money. I work my arse off 5 days a week and have nothing to show for it.

Which isn`t true I guess, I have a nice house, nice car and we can afford cable tv, broadband and a few other nice things. But thats it. No spare money. Hardly any savings. It`s just the situation at the minute. Z only works one day a week at the minute, so I know it could get better. Which is probably it. She complains when she has to get up for her one day a week at work when I`m dragging my arse out of bed at 7:30 5 times a week. I`m just jealous I guess, lol.

I wish I had a bit of talent. Turn this blog into a million pound publication. But I guess there are a million other people out there doing the same. There are 15 year old kids making a ton of money with their web businesses! I guess I missed the boat. I`m just feeling sorry for myself which is stupid cos my lot is better than many people`s.