Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ho hum

Well the snow didn`t last long, soon turned into rain. And now it`s just bloody cold n wet n miserable. Hasn`t been the most interesting of days really. The boss came back to work from yet another holiday which probably didn`t help anybody`s mood. He filled my workroom with his new toy...a karaoke machine. I put it all just outside of my room and when I got back off delivery it was all pretty much set up. 2 bloody great speakers set up! We`re such a professional company.

Trying to find a use for an old 200Mhz PC, other than as a doorstop. I`ve been thinking of sticking Linux on it and setting it up next to the tv just for internet access and check tv schedules. Something else for my girlfriend to sigh, shake her head at me about and ask me 'why?'. Other than 'because I can' I don`t really have a proper answer. Maybe i`m as bad as my boss and his wonderful Ideas.