Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Ok, getting all christmasy now. It`s nearly December, i`m sat at my pc looking out the window at a white backgarden. The frost is really heavy this morning. Always start to feel christmasy when it gets like this.

I haven`t really grown out of Christmas yet. I don`t get as excited about getting presents now, well not overly excited to the point where I can`t breath! But it`s the whole 'goodwill to all mankind' business. Apart from mankind can go fuck itself, goodwill to all my friends and animals everywhere is more like it.

A couple of weeks off work, a box of biscuits for cheese and a bottle of port for that midday snack, tons of food and drink and Christmas tv and i`m happy :)

Made a bit of money on ebay selling old books n stuff so have a bit of spare cash to buy my girlfriend some presents. I`m hopeless at present buying. I`d love to be spontaneous and surprise her with lots of little things. But my brain doesn`t seem to have the imagination to do things like that sometimes. So I sit on amazon and ebay getting frustrated because I can`t find the things I want, mainly cos I don`t know what those things are!

She seems to find it easy. Maybe it`s because i`m interested in so many things that there`s always something suitable for me.