Thursday, November 03, 2005

Medical update

Well my neck feels a lot better today. Been coming home and soaking in a hot bath straight from work, and doing my best not to move it much at night. Thank God!

Had my first experiance buying from Ebuyer. Must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Not heard good reports of Ebuyer`s customer service. But my girlfriend has had several things off them with no problems. So thought i`d give them a go. Only bought a 8 socket surge protector as i`m running out of places to plug things in! Using an old 60Gb PC as a backup to mine and my girlfriends pc`s. Found a really cool link to a site showing how to make an old vcr into a pet food dispenser!...might have to give that a go with my old video recorder.

Me and Zara are being a bit snappy with each other of late. Can`t put my finger on the problem to be honest. Maybe we need a break from each other as we pretty much do everything together, maybe it`s a bit too much. Although our two cats are at each others throats, so maybe it`s something in the air!

Well gonna go put things in ebay tonights as it`s cheap listings night. Gonna try n save up for a tivo...sigh, so many things, so little money.