Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oh i`m a lumberjack...

Been out in the fresh air doing manly type things. Had to prune (decimate) our row of trees as they`re blocking sunlight to the back garden due to them being nearly as tall as our house!

T`was quite good fun in the end despite me doing my best to put it off and pray for rain. Did a countryside management course years ago, it all came flooding back when I found myself wobbling at the top of the ladder with a saw in my hand.

Christmas shopping is coming along nicely. Except for getting stuff for my girlfriend. I just have no idea. I`m hopeless. I`m scouring ebay but nothing seems suitable. Maybe it`s beacuse i`m not in a panic yet, maybe my brain needs that last minute kick of adrenalin to start my creative process.

Enjoyed having a long weekend off work tho. Counting down the days until I break up for christmas. Whenever that is. I hope I have lots of work to go back to. Trying not to worry about the lack of work we have, it`s the time of year when we are slack. But not this slack. If the worse happens and we go down to a four day week then i have plans. But I fear if we did go to four days then the company would fold. Nobody can afford a drop in wages. I`m trying not to worry, but at least i`m prepared for it. I think.