Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Well I don`t know what i`ve done, but my neck is killing me. Been all achey for about a week, but for the past couple of days I haven`t been able to move it very far to the right. Goes all tight and get a real sharp shooting pain up my neck. So i`m soaking in a really hot bath up to my neck!

Been having a signing up frenzy today. No wonder I get so much spam. I`m a sucker for signing up to websites tho. Got a profile and pics on Bebo and one on WAYN . I`m gonna get a atalker one of these days, lol. Bebo is pretty cool. Not as good as Flickr I think but i`ll stick with it as i`ve got a friend using that one. Not really keen on WAYN, but another friend put me that way so i`ll give it a try but don`t think i`ll keep using it.

Well I guess I should be relaxing with a book instead of stretching over the side of the bath to use my laptop. Just started reading DragonLance chronicles. With that and playing Neverwinter Nights my fantasy phase has really kicked in!