Friday, November 04, 2005

remember remember

God I must be getting old. Got fireworks going off all over the place and i`m sick of hearing them. It`s gonna be worse tomorrow night. Sick of reading stories in the paper of twisted scum using fireworks on animals. Tried to avoid a story in the paper about some thugs subjecting a small dog to a firework attack that litteraly blew it to pieces! It`s amazing that this country is such a nanny state, and supposedly fighting terrorism, yet every year these things that get more and more like small bombs are sold to the public like they`re damn sweets or something.

Well, our cats are safely inside. And if I look out the window and see any cat roaming the streets they`ll be inside as well! Had to take our rat to the vets tonight as his foot has swollen right up. No idea what has caused it to happen. But he had some injections and we`ve got some antibiotics that somehow we have to get down him.