Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Three days after bonfire night and the plebs are still setting fireworks off. Don`t they get bored of them! I never did the see the attraction of them. Even when I was younger.

Been doing my best not to get too addicted to Blogthing. Doing well so far and only posted one result of a quiz so far, but i`m sure more will follow. I also really need a faster net connection 1Mb connection with a 3Gb cap seemed more than enough at one point. But the faster I surf the more things I find to download. And if all my favourite podcasts go video which they seem to be doing then I`m gonna hit 3Gb in a day let alone a month.

Discussed ways to save money on the electric bill with my girlfriend and am going to give a concerted effort in a bid to knock our electric usage down. It`s just so easy to plug more and more things in and leave them plugged in without realising they`re using power. In the computer room alone we have three 8 plug multisockets, all full! 24 things plugged in and running nearly 24/7!!! I`m surprised the house doesn`t glow.