Thursday, November 10, 2005

Umm, er...

I`ve decided. I`m going senile. There`s this music hour on the radio. Top 10 at 10. It plays the top 10 of a given year and you have to guess that year. Plays pretty much all 80`s stuff. So there`s me and Rob, both in our mid 30`s. Prime 80`s music listening candidates. And pretty much for the whole hour all you can hear is us going.
"Ooh, yeah, I know this"
"Yeah, me too...ooh, on the tip of my tongue"
"Hmm, yeah, lead singer is, oh what's his name"
"I know it. I know I know it"

Pretty sad really. Unless it`s something blindingly obvious and I still listen to it now then my brain is beginning to let me down.

Also doesn`t help that we work with a 17 year old who must look at us and think 'what a couple of old fogies!'

But I decided a while ago not to care. I intend to grow old disgracefully. My girlfriend often wonders if i`ll be the only 80 year old with a lip ring. I still listen to rock in all its forms. Still love sci-fi/fantasy altho refuse to go to conventions. And don`t think i`ll ever have a respectable haircut!

Maybe that`s what will keep me young. I see other`s around me of the same age and they all just seem so old. Some even seemed old when we were 16. Maybe it`s in my genes. My gran still seems young despite suffering with illness. And my mum is more active than me!

Been listening to Marillion and Pink Floyd all day on my Ipod so I think i`m in a bit of a nostalgic mood. If there`s one album that sums up my youth then it`s Pink Floyd`s 'The Wall'. Hands down the best album ever. Got round to buying it on cd after losing my cassette version a while ago. With the one song that`s brought me to tears so many times, Comfortably Numb, I can listen to all 26 tracks now without wanting to self harm. Still brings up the same feelings I had when I was a teenager, but the anger has gone.

Damn, want to play it again now!