Friday, December 30, 2005


Well, another day and hopefully a better mood.

We`re meant to be travelling down to Oxford to stay with my girlfriend`s family. Although looking at the weather I don`t know how likely that is.

But if we go then I won`t be able to wish everyone a Happy New Year so i`ll do it now.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

deep breath

Just finished watching Family Man on Ch4.

I really could do with a glimpse of a different future right now.

Feel like i`ve been told off like a fuckin 5 year old...again.

I`m trying not to just rant here and keep calm. But to be honest. I wonder sometimes.

Ok, i`m gonna leave it at that. Feel better for hitting the keyboard a few times now.


Well I wasn`t even awake properly and I managed to upset my girlfriend.

By some bizarre twist of fate my girlfriend was wide awake first thing this morning and I was soooo sleepy.

So she did her best to wake me up, which pissed me off. Cos when I`m awake I just get up and play on the pc.

So I stuck my ipod on and started drifting off again.

So now she`s grumpy with me. And I haven`t even got out of bed yet!

Sigh, so now i`m laid here all alone as even the cats have abandoned me.

Ok, my attempt at sympathy is over.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Let is snow, let is snow, let it snow

I`m ashamed to say i`ve been enjoying myself far too much and really couldn`t be bothered to blog anything the past few days.

Also getting Dawn of War: Winter Assault didn`t help. Although not getting to play that nearly as much as I want.

Damn food n drink getting in the way.

Anyway, major snowy weather today. Garfield wasted no time going outside to test out his snow paws.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Bloody typical. First day of my hols and i`m wide awake! Been wide awake since 6am!

Still feeling seriously festive though. Even though technically it`s the weekend, so wouldn`t be going to work anyway. Ah well.

So I was laying in bed thinking I should do my own little review of the year. Couldn`t really think of anything much so, as I won`t see any of them until next year thought I would rant about the people I work with!

Ok, then I thought, hmm what if any of the read this. So decided, what if I could condence it down to one word to say how I feel about them. So here goes.

This will probably be the most boring blog entry i`ve made this year. But it`s early, i`m awake, so you can suffer too :)

CW: Supercilious
SW: Immature
LT: Bossy
LB: Nice
RJ: Cool
PW: Arrogant
SC: Sarcastic
AT: Apathetic
AA: Assuming

That`s about it really. The rest I don`t really care about one way or the other.

Well that killed off a few minutes. Time to take to Neverwinter Nights.

Lets go kill some orc!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Ho ho ho

Well i`ve sobered up enough from the Christmas bash to write a blog entry. Started drinking at 1pm and finished at about 5pm, which doesn`t sound long, but it doesn`t take me long to get pissed. Especially on an empty stomach.

Anyway, I kept losing at pool.

So, i`m soaking in the bath. Just for a change. And shall be attempting some food later.

I was up at 6:45am and on my way to Tesco to purchase chocolate products for my nearest and dearest.

Unfortunately the place was already heaving and the roads were filled with people who I guess had never driven a car before.

What is it about Christmas that makes people lose the ability to drive! I swear the past few days I`ve come up against more looney drivers than I have all year.

I don`t mind when i`m in the works van because i`m bigger than these little piddly cars. But when i`m pootling in my punto (heh), it`s another matter!

Well, i`m preparing for semi-hibernation, and don`t have to go back to work until the 9th (yay!).

So the Christmas spirit is well and truly in me now!! (stop sniggering, didn`t mean it like that!)

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Ok, i`m all set for Christmas. All the presents have been bought and have arrived. Done ALL my shopping online this year. It`s been building up and up as the years have gone by until this year I hit the 100% mark. Well, actually it`s probably 99% as I really need to get some chocolate type presents for my girlfriend.

Life will NOT be worth living if I don`t!

The food is in.
The booze is in.
The Radio Times has been read through in detail and all programs/films I want to watch have been highlighted.
The wrapping paper has been bought.

I`m good to go. Christmas can start now!

Last day at work tommorrow. Work until 12 then off to the pub.

I`m not a day drinker so will probably last about an hour. I`m trying to figure out how to go drinking with my workmates and go to Tesco for chocolately delights at the same time.

I haven`t formulated a plan yet!

I`m hoping for a Christmas bonus as I don`t really feel like pissing my own money up the wall.

Then after that I can sit infront of the tv with my box of biscuits for cheese, alcoholic beverage and tv guide and go into semi-hibernation.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So what Tarot card are you?!

The Tower Card
You are the Tower card. The Tower represents a
sudden, drastic change. This change can be
incredibly freeing. It can be a change in the
way you think, or a change in environment. The
physical body may be healed of a long illness
in a seemingly miraculous way. Dramatic change
may lead you into a completely different career
or lifestyle. On the negative side of things,
you may suddenly lose your fortune or have an
experience that shatters your sense of
identity. The Tower that crumbles under the
lightning bolt is the physical and may be
indicative of some aspect of your physical
world. But as the Tower crumbles it reveals a
sturdier foundation, something which perhaps
you did not expect but which, nevertheless,
arrives fully formed and strong into your life.
Image from: The Ibis Tarot deck

Which Tarot Card Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I`m wondering..what makes for an interesting blog. Other than braless tuesday ;)

Which I don`t think i`m really suited for.

I`m just meandering through the miriad (sp?) of blogs out there and wonder how these people attract other people to read their stuff. I mean, some of them are as trivial and rambly as mine. Yet have tons of comments.

I`m guessing they have lots of online friends...unlike Billy No Mates here!

I think i`ve subbed to most of the blog directories. Got my blog link on my profile pages....oooh, except my Yahoo profile I think!

And another thing. Do you find yourself reading blogs belonging to the opposite sex? I tend to read blogs written by the female persuasion of the opposite sex. Don`t know why. Maybe us blokes are..well..a bit boring.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Growing up

Well, in a break from me pouring my heart out here, which is emotionaly exhausting, and after reading gemmak`s blog about Tilly. I got to thinking how much Garfied has changed over the past year.

This is from 15 November 2004. I tried to get two similar shots to show how much he`s grown. I wanted one from about this time in December 2004 but couldn`t really find similar shots.

And this is how he looks now! Taken a couple of weeks ago. He can hardly fit on his pedestal! Not that stops him trying.

Hope he stops growing soon!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The day

I`m sat here feeling kinda detatched from the world.
I think it`s the deer in the water, helpless as their surroundings are consumed.

It`s like a switch has been flipped inside me.

I`ve been sat here trying to think how to spend the day. Yesterday I was feeling fine. I build today up so much I end up not knowing how to get through it.

So I surfed the web a bit, checked ebay for last minute gifts, read my bloglines rss feeds. And came across this pic from a website. I don`t know why, but it seems to sum up how I feel at the minute.

My stomach knots up and I feel a lump in my throat as I look at the deer. Wishing I could help them, feeling their fear. I empathise far too much.

Happy Birthday David.

I miss you.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Another problem solved. Just waiting for my personal tester gemmak to give me the all clear. Damn tag-board. Served me right I guess for not reading the site properly about popups in the free version.

As I use firefox all the time I never saw them. Anyway, all is fixed and using shoutbox now. Seems a lot better.

Well i`ve got bloglines, blogrolling,, frappr and 43 things running on my blog, is there anything i`ve missed I should be adding? :).

I think i`m addicted to adding these things.

Friday, December 16, 2005

i AM a man!

Ok, so am i`m wondering if i`m normal.

Maybe it`s a stereotypical comment to make about women taking long soaks in the bath. But is it normal for a man to like taking long baths.

No bubbles tho!
and no Kenny G on low in the background!

Ok, so I have candles. But that`s only because i`m too lazy to change the lightbulb. I am in here with a glass of Jack Daniels and I am playing on my laptop, so that has to be at least a couple of man points in my favour.

eBay: 8-Ft One-of-a-Kind LEGO STAR WARS REBEL ATTACK CRUISER (item 6022866702 end time Dec-24-05 12:44:33 PST)

This is going at the top of my Christmas list!

eBay: 8-Ft One-of-a-Kind LEGO STAR WARS REBEL ATTACK CRUISER (item 6022866702 end time Dec-24-05 12:44:33 PST)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

fine line

Hmm, so how far does someone have to go before crossing the line between being sarcastic and down right arrogant?

A guy I work with is dangerously close to being nothing more than an arrogant little twat. If he isn`t already in some people`s eyes.

I get on ok with him, but that last couple of days I could seriously have damaged him.

It`s not like he gets personal or anything. It`s just his attitude. He can`t have a single conversation without getting all sarcastic about something or someone. I agree with what he`s saying a lot of the time. Hell, i`ve even stood up for him.

But now it`s like his confidence is really warping into arrogance.

I`m looking forward to the holidays and getting away from all of them. So much for goodwill to all man!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Ok, I took the plunge and completely changed the colour to match in with my website. Wasn`t as painful as I thought it was going to be.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I was thinking of changing the colours of my blog to black background with white text. Mainly because it`ll match in with my website. Hmm, sounds like it might be a lot of work though adding all my extra lines back into the template.

Why do I have to muck about with these things!

Feeling guilty

Well i`m feeling kinda bad. We sold a ton of lego on ebay and made a pile of money. But as I work all day I had to leave my girlfriend to package up all the items. Which most of the time isn`t a problem.

But we had a lot of Lego...a LOT.

She did a fantastic job. But she gets stressed easily. Which gets me stressed cos I think she blames me for the way things go wrong when she is stressed. Or something like that.

So I get all arsey.

But I really do appreciate everything she does.

I guess i`m writing all this cos I know she`ll read it.

I`m also in a funny mood because of my brothers birthday on Sunday. So i`ve been doing my yearly ritual of changing the layout and stuff of my pitiful excuse for a website.

I started messing with making a website soon after his death. Make like a little memorial or something. It kinda helped me through it in a way. The pictures page is only partly done. I`m hoping to have it done before Sunday. Dunno why. It just seems to help.

Anyway, it`s at if you feel like looking.

Monday, December 12, 2005

tick tock tick tock

Ok, so i`m laid in the bath with the laptop at my side getting slightly tingly!

No, not for anything like that you pervy people.

In less than 6 mins the first of my lego castle items goes on ebay, it`s currently at £6.58. I cannot believe how much i`m gonna make on all my old lego. A load of lego space stuff went yesterday and 15 items are going today, a few more quid and i`ll have made £500!!!

So why am I writing all this drivel here!?...i`ve gotta do something to pass the last few minutes before the auctions start to end!!

I need a drink! I just keep thinking of all the lovely things I could buy with it, knowing full well it`s all gonna go towards a new fridge freezer. Which we do need.

Ok, less than a minute to go...time to go sit on ebay and hit f5 a lot!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Up and down

In a little over a weeks time it should be my brother`s birthday. He would have been 33.

We should be growing older disgracefully.
We should be painting our Warhammer 40k models in readiness for him to beat me yet again on the battlefield, his Marines against my Orks.
We should be having marathon Red Dwarf-fests and eating too much pizza.
We should have been sitting infront of the tv on a Sunday when the World Superbike season was on screaming at which ever british rider was on a Ducati to win.
We should be going out on a Saturday night and I watch in awe as women giggle all around him.
I should have been getting him hooked on Neverwinter Nights so we can dungeon quest together.
I should be doing my best to explain the rules to Magic the Gathering.

But we won`t. And i`ll not do many of those things without him. I`m lost without his unending quick wit and jokes that we used to bounce off each other. Usually at the expense of my ex-wife. Not that she minded, she usually just slapped us round the head like two naughty kids.

And that`s how we were. Despite all lifes hassles we never really grew up. Why am I writing all this now?

I guess cos all these thoughts are bouncing around in my head. In a weeks time they might have faded into a frustrating mess inside my head. Jumbled up like the rest of my thoughts usually are.

I`m trying to decide how to spend the day. I feel like watching all 3 lord of the rings films back to back. Just curl up on the settee with the fire on and detatch myself from real life.

Sounds like a plan.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mr Angry

Ok, i admit it. I`m not the calmest person in the world today. I`m not handling my girlfriends mood swings at all well today. I`m not handling people well today. I just wish they`d all fuck off sometimes.

I feel calm in myself, but as soon as anybody says anything I can feel the blood surging! Probably isn`t helped by the fact I listened to Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot and other tranquil type bands today.

I just feel the need to rage
Feel I need something to break.

My Sip ATA box broke today when I was doing my damndest to try and save some money on our electric bill. Long story. Won`t rant about it now.

And the only time anybody felt like talking to me today was to try and sort their pc problems out.

I need a break from humanity.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Ok, i`m bored. I`ve got nothing to say. I`ve read through my rss feeds for my fave sites like and for anything interesting to share with my dear And can`t find anything that isn`t way too nerdy that it makes my girlfriends eyes cross and sigh at me in despair, umm she sighs at me...not her eyes!

The one thing I did find I also found that gemmak blogged it so don`t want to feel like i`m copying. Although it is very interesting so go here for a read.

So if anyone has any cool sites, links, articles let me know.

If you still look in on my blog gemmak I hope you don`t mind me constantly linking to your blog! :)

Monday, December 05, 2005

Waiting, waiting

Ok, so how long do you think you should wait for an item you won on ebay to be posted to you? (after paying of course!) 3 days? 5 days? 7 days? 10 days? how about 15 frickin days! and still no sign.

I`m being patient, well up until now anyway. Sent a 2nd email off to ask the whereabouts of my item today and still waiting for a reply. I also don`t want negative feedback left if I get stroppy as this seller is likely to do.

I`m tempted to put her email address in this post and get people to pester her about it....but I won`t...not yet anyway...grrr.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cats cats cats

Well as I lay here in the bath...hmm, maybe I should do a sunday bath post. Anyway, as I lay here Garfield is destroying the upstairs hallway. My girlfriend is clearing out the spare room so there are bags n boxes everywhere which are obviously hiding god knows what according to Garfields imagination.

And what is it with cats and closed doors...they`re just meant to be open I guess! I had the bathroom door closed earlier, which is a big no no according to Miaow. And she is quiet persistant about this. The door wasn`t closed fully so it was on the latch, but enough so it was wedged in the door frame. I`m sure she was taking run ups and basically just headbutting it until it opened!

Anyway, pleased with her moments work of opening another door she looked at me, smiled...I swear she smiled! miaowed at me and walked off.

In search of other doors no doubt.


Well not the best start to Sunday morning. Garfield caught a huge mouse in the garden and proceeded to play with it in the worst way a cat can do. We weren`t able to rescue it so we hoped he would kill it quick...which he didn`t.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


More blog surfing. Damn I wish I could take and manipulate pictures like this guy. My girlfriend is the whizz with the digital camera, mainly cos it`s never out of her hand.

I just aim it at what I want to take a picture of and hope for the best. Which is a shame as I love mucking about with pictures in Photoshop. I just don`t have the patience, or talent. Although my girlfriends Mum and her new husband`s wedding video came a step closer to completion. So I guess i`m good at some things.

Friday, December 02, 2005

where am I...

Ah, another typical Friday and another typical week at work over with. I`ve been reassured my job is safe. Although I still have my doubts. Our manager had to tell one of the lads he`s being laid off today which was a bit shitty tho. But I was pleased I was gonna be ok, which kinda made me feel a bit guilty.

I don`t know how it started but we ended up playing 'whats the capital of...'. I think my grey cells are really starting to deteriorate as I couldn`t remember half of them!. Of course I do have the excuse that it`s been about 20 years since I was in a geography lesson. But without running to the atlas try naming the capital cities of


off the top of your head. I did find a really good website on the works computer and ended up running in and out the office to check the answers...mainly to stop the arguments before there was bloodshed!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

oh yeah

And anybody reading this: pleeeasse add yourself to my frappr map. Getting kinda lonely sat there on my own!

Bloggedy bloggedy blog blog

Hmm, so how does one become a blog of note? Can`t ever imagine my mundane ramblings would come even close. Just started reading Bored Housewife`s blog as she seems to have hit the bigtime. I think 'braless tuesday' helps ;) Maybe I should try pantless thursday or something, although I fear any readers I do have would be totally scared away. Anyway, check out her blog `cos it`s pretty funny stuff.

I`ve been randomly hitting other peoples blogs by way of the 'next blog' button. The results tend to range from the normal/mundane (i.e. like mine) to the beyond weird. The amount of porn blogs is astounding. Do people actually read them (not that I did of course!). It`s either that or foreign language blogs. It`s fun for a few minutes to see what blogs are out there. And kinda warm n fuzzy making to find that mine are actually better than a few! (in my opinion).