Saturday, December 24, 2005


Bloody typical. First day of my hols and i`m wide awake! Been wide awake since 6am!

Still feeling seriously festive though. Even though technically it`s the weekend, so wouldn`t be going to work anyway. Ah well.

So I was laying in bed thinking I should do my own little review of the year. Couldn`t really think of anything much so, as I won`t see any of them until next year thought I would rant about the people I work with!

Ok, then I thought, hmm what if any of the read this. So decided, what if I could condence it down to one word to say how I feel about them. So here goes.

This will probably be the most boring blog entry i`ve made this year. But it`s early, i`m awake, so you can suffer too :)

CW: Supercilious
SW: Immature
LT: Bossy
LB: Nice
RJ: Cool
PW: Arrogant
SC: Sarcastic
AT: Apathetic
AA: Assuming

That`s about it really. The rest I don`t really care about one way or the other.

Well that killed off a few minutes. Time to take to Neverwinter Nights.

Lets go kill some orc!