Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bloggedy bloggedy blog blog

Hmm, so how does one become a blog of note? Can`t ever imagine my mundane ramblings would come even close. Just started reading Bored Housewife`s blog as she seems to have hit the bigtime. I think 'braless tuesday' helps ;) Maybe I should try pantless thursday or something, although I fear any readers I do have would be totally scared away. Anyway, check out her blog `cos it`s pretty funny stuff.

I`ve been randomly hitting other peoples blogs by way of the 'next blog' button. The results tend to range from the normal/mundane (i.e. like mine) to the beyond weird. The amount of porn blogs is astounding. Do people actually read them (not that I did of course!). It`s either that or foreign language blogs. It`s fun for a few minutes to see what blogs are out there. And kinda warm n fuzzy making to find that mine are actually better than a few! (in my opinion).