Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cats cats cats

Well as I lay here in the bath...hmm, maybe I should do a sunday bath post. Anyway, as I lay here Garfield is destroying the upstairs hallway. My girlfriend is clearing out the spare room so there are bags n boxes everywhere which are obviously hiding god knows what according to Garfields imagination.

And what is it with cats and closed doors...they`re just meant to be open I guess! I had the bathroom door closed earlier, which is a big no no according to Miaow. And she is quiet persistant about this. The door wasn`t closed fully so it was on the latch, but enough so it was wedged in the door frame. I`m sure she was taking run ups and basically just headbutting it until it opened!

Anyway, pleased with her moments work of opening another door she looked at me, smiled...I swear she smiled! miaowed at me and walked off.

In search of other doors no doubt.