Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Feeling guilty

Well i`m feeling kinda bad. We sold a ton of lego on ebay and made a pile of money. But as I work all day I had to leave my girlfriend to package up all the items. Which most of the time isn`t a problem.

But we had a lot of Lego...a LOT.

She did a fantastic job. But she gets stressed easily. Which gets me stressed cos I think she blames me for the way things go wrong when she is stressed. Or something like that.

So I get all arsey.

But I really do appreciate everything she does.

I guess i`m writing all this cos I know she`ll read it.

I`m also in a funny mood because of my brothers birthday on Sunday. So i`ve been doing my yearly ritual of changing the layout and stuff of my pitiful excuse for a website.

I started messing with making a website soon after his death. Make like a little memorial or something. It kinda helped me through it in a way. The pictures page is only partly done. I`m hoping to have it done before Sunday. Dunno why. It just seems to help.

Anyway, it`s at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/paddee/ if you feel like looking.