Thursday, December 15, 2005

fine line

Hmm, so how far does someone have to go before crossing the line between being sarcastic and down right arrogant?

A guy I work with is dangerously close to being nothing more than an arrogant little twat. If he isn`t already in some people`s eyes.

I get on ok with him, but that last couple of days I could seriously have damaged him.

It`s not like he gets personal or anything. It`s just his attitude. He can`t have a single conversation without getting all sarcastic about something or someone. I agree with what he`s saying a lot of the time. Hell, i`ve even stood up for him.

But now it`s like his confidence is really warping into arrogance.

I`m looking forward to the holidays and getting away from all of them. So much for goodwill to all man!