Friday, December 23, 2005

Ho ho ho

Well i`ve sobered up enough from the Christmas bash to write a blog entry. Started drinking at 1pm and finished at about 5pm, which doesn`t sound long, but it doesn`t take me long to get pissed. Especially on an empty stomach.

Anyway, I kept losing at pool.

So, i`m soaking in the bath. Just for a change. And shall be attempting some food later.

I was up at 6:45am and on my way to Tesco to purchase chocolate products for my nearest and dearest.

Unfortunately the place was already heaving and the roads were filled with people who I guess had never driven a car before.

What is it about Christmas that makes people lose the ability to drive! I swear the past few days I`ve come up against more looney drivers than I have all year.

I don`t mind when i`m in the works van because i`m bigger than these little piddly cars. But when i`m pootling in my punto (heh), it`s another matter!

Well, i`m preparing for semi-hibernation, and don`t have to go back to work until the 9th (yay!).

So the Christmas spirit is well and truly in me now!! (stop sniggering, didn`t mean it like that!)