Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mr Angry

Ok, i admit it. I`m not the calmest person in the world today. I`m not handling my girlfriends mood swings at all well today. I`m not handling people well today. I just wish they`d all fuck off sometimes.

I feel calm in myself, but as soon as anybody says anything I can feel the blood surging! Probably isn`t helped by the fact I listened to Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot and other tranquil type bands today.

I just feel the need to rage
Feel I need something to break.

My Sip ATA box broke today when I was doing my damndest to try and save some money on our electric bill. Long story. Won`t rant about it now.

And the only time anybody felt like talking to me today was to try and sort their pc problems out.

I need a break from humanity.