Thursday, December 22, 2005


Ok, i`m all set for Christmas. All the presents have been bought and have arrived. Done ALL my shopping online this year. It`s been building up and up as the years have gone by until this year I hit the 100% mark. Well, actually it`s probably 99% as I really need to get some chocolate type presents for my girlfriend.

Life will NOT be worth living if I don`t!

The food is in.
The booze is in.
The Radio Times has been read through in detail and all programs/films I want to watch have been highlighted.
The wrapping paper has been bought.

I`m good to go. Christmas can start now!

Last day at work tommorrow. Work until 12 then off to the pub.

I`m not a day drinker so will probably last about an hour. I`m trying to figure out how to go drinking with my workmates and go to Tesco for chocolately delights at the same time.

I haven`t formulated a plan yet!

I`m hoping for a Christmas bonus as I don`t really feel like pissing my own money up the wall.

Then after that I can sit infront of the tv with my box of biscuits for cheese, alcoholic beverage and tv guide and go into semi-hibernation.