Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I`m wondering..what makes for an interesting blog. Other than braless tuesday ;)

Which I don`t think i`m really suited for.

I`m just meandering through the miriad (sp?) of blogs out there and wonder how these people attract other people to read their stuff. I mean, some of them are as trivial and rambly as mine. Yet have tons of comments.

I`m guessing they have lots of online friends...unlike Billy No Mates here!

I think i`ve subbed to most of the blog directories. Got my blog link on my profile pages....oooh, except my Yahoo profile I think!

And another thing. Do you find yourself reading blogs belonging to the opposite sex? I tend to read blogs written by the female persuasion of the opposite sex. Don`t know why. Maybe us blokes are..well..a bit boring.