Monday, December 12, 2005

tick tock tick tock

Ok, so i`m laid in the bath with the laptop at my side getting slightly tingly!

No, not for anything like that you pervy people.

In less than 6 mins the first of my lego castle items goes on ebay, it`s currently at £6.58. I cannot believe how much i`m gonna make on all my old lego. A load of lego space stuff went yesterday and 15 items are going today, a few more quid and i`ll have made £500!!!

So why am I writing all this drivel here!?...i`ve gotta do something to pass the last few minutes before the auctions start to end!!

I need a drink! I just keep thinking of all the lovely things I could buy with it, knowing full well it`s all gonna go towards a new fridge freezer. Which we do need.

Ok, less than a minute to go...time to go sit on ebay and hit f5 a lot!!