Friday, December 02, 2005

where am I...

Ah, another typical Friday and another typical week at work over with. I`ve been reassured my job is safe. Although I still have my doubts. Our manager had to tell one of the lads he`s being laid off today which was a bit shitty tho. But I was pleased I was gonna be ok, which kinda made me feel a bit guilty.

I don`t know how it started but we ended up playing 'whats the capital of...'. I think my grey cells are really starting to deteriorate as I couldn`t remember half of them!. Of course I do have the excuse that it`s been about 20 years since I was in a geography lesson. But without running to the atlas try naming the capital cities of


off the top of your head. I did find a really good website on the works computer and ended up running in and out the office to check the answers...mainly to stop the arguments before there was bloodshed!