Sunday, January 29, 2006

And then there was one....

..wall left to demolish that is.

Miss me?

Didn`t think so...humph. I felt 'funny' not posting yesterday.

So, back to the wall. Been thumping lumps out the walls again. Both of us. Without arguing! Whodda thunked it!

Anyway, it`s going well so far. The ripping out is the easy bit tho I think. But that`s my bit. The technical bit is for others to get headaches over, heh.

Between that and trying to get Linux running on my backup PC for no other reason than because I want to...i`m sure i`ll do a geeky tech rant over this sometime this week. Got Mandriva running on the laptop. Just need to get the wireless connection working on it now.


Why do I try these things.