Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Deep breath!

Ok, i`m angry, i`m arsey..i`m seriously pissed off.

This was going to be a rant about work...but after watching celebrity big brother I really have to get this out my system.

Pete Burns needs to get his big disfigured fucking face from up his own arse and stop spouting the fucking scouse fucking bollocks that comes out his balloon sized lips.

He`s not the only freak in their, but the only one I want to take a crowbar to! And I don`t even want to get started on Galloway and Barrymore!

Ok, I feel better now...i`m calm....well, about BB anyway.

Now, work. Ah yes. The wonderful place of employment. I`ve only been back 2 days and i`m ready for another holiday.

Got our pay yesterday and found out that we didn`t get paid for the full day the last Friday we worked. Now the past 3 years i`ve been there we finish at 12 (but pays us for a full day) on the last day and all go for a Christmas piss up.

Not this year. Our boss (again, as last year) generously put £300 behind the bar for drinks for all of us.

Then manages to make that £300 back by not paying us for a full day. So basically we bought our own Christmas drinks.

Merry Fucking Christmas.

Now, if this happened year after year I wouldn`t have a problem with it. But we knew nothing about it. Had no say in the matter and didn`t find out until yesterday.

People are pissed off to say the least.

So no christmas bonus, no party, vans are breaking down, no pay rise as promised last October and a million other little things that just make the day to day job just that little bit more stressful.

Time for a job hunt this year methinks.