Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Geek me

Sigh. Any Linux experts reading this know how to get a Geforce MX/MX400 to play nicely with Mandriva?

Not had the best tech day. I even loaded up Skype to be greeted with my first voicemail message....for someone else!...arggh!

I`m tired.
I`m getting a cold
Things don`t want to work for me.

All this makes for a grumpy Paddy.

So now all you nice people leave me lots of lovely comments, voicemail messages and chat messages and i`ll try and cheer up a bit.

Hmmm, who says i`m a comment whore ;)

Oh and whilst you`re at it. Anybody fancy buying the domain name nlgw.com. My boss has it plastered on the side of one of our work vans but hasn`t actually bought the domain name!

I would gladly pay for someone to do it (just so it doesn`t get traced back to me!) just to see the look on his face. Oh, and it`ll save me having to do the website for him.

See, grumpy and vindictive.

Maybe I should go take it out on the bathroom walls. Zara took a piccy of me all ready for some demolishing action! Scary huh!