Monday, January 16, 2006

I don`t like Monday`s

Oh thank God today is over with. I`m relaxing in the bath and I ache like buggery.

There`s nothing worse than overlaying. It just throws me for the rest of the day. I feel like i`m playing catch up!

Well not long after I posted my 'I`m late' message I went out to the van and the damn thing wouldn`t start. I wish i`d held off texting 'R' at work to say i`d overlaid until after i`d found the van was dead. Could have said i`d been trying to get it started.

Ah well.

Got into work 35 mins late. Well, when you`re already late why bother rushing. Then spent all day doing a job i`ve not had a lot of experience doing, hence the major acheyness.

Still, wasn`t all bad. 'R' had a word with the boss. Told him none of us were happy about losing half a days pay before Christmas. And the boss relented! So I got a bit of extra money in my pay packet this week, wooo.

So i`m gonna get out the bath before Zara bursts in here and starts measuring up again.

The walls that is.

For the tiles.

When we do our new and improved bathroom.

Ok. I`m done now.