Thursday, January 12, 2006

It`s Thursday`s Thirteen!

Thirteen Things about My First Week Back at Work

1. Managed to be late into work every single morning so far.
2. Bought new fridge freezer off website.
3. Was at work less than 2 hours before boss managed to piss everybody off.
4. Ordered new bathroom suite.
5. Got a reply from a dear friend I haven`t spoken to in 3 years. See last TT :)
6. Started demolishing the tiles in the bathroom.
7. Watched the finale of Lost, want season 2 right now!...right now dammnit!!
8. Got 'A' to come measure up for our new bathroom window.
9. Tried to find the remains of a bird Garfield ate in the living room.
10. Had to help describe womens clothing so Zara could put them on ebay.
11. Played on a mate`s PSP, I want one now!
12. Sliced the top of my finger off and burnt the same hand all in the same day.
13. But managed to get through today without doing either!

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