Saturday, January 21, 2006

I`ve been tagged!!

Ok, i`ve done it. I have an overwhelming sense of achievement. Thank you gemmak.

Four Things You Love About Spring
1. My birthday!
2. The cold weather is nearly over
3. MotoGP season starts
4. Lost Season 2 starts on Ch4

Four Things You Love About Summer
1. Sunny weather
2. Water pistol fights
3. Longer days
4. Being able to eat ice cream outside!

Four Things You Love About Autumn

1. Cool tv usually starts
2. Cooler days after the heat of summer
3. kicking up leaves (yeah, i`m still a kid)
4. Not as busy at work

Four Things You Love about Winter
1. Snow!
2. Christmas
3. 2 weeks off work
4. Snow!

Four U.S. Cities that You'’d Visit in a Heartbeat
1. New York
2. Colorado
3. Seattle
4. Daytona

Four Funniest Movies (in no partic. order)
1. Wayne`s World
2. Johnny English
3. The Breakfast Club (not really a comedy)
4. errr

Four Tear-Jerkers (in no partic. order)
1. Philadelphia
2. umm, I`m a man I don`t cry at films much, ahem!

Four Most Romantic Songs
1. Yellow - Coldplay
2. Has anyone ever written anything for you - Stevie Nicks
3. Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones
4. Lavender - Marillion

Four Songs That Make You Happy
1. Shiny happy people - REM
2. Go With the Flow - Queens of the Stone Age
3. Ride a white swan - T Rex
4. Alive - Pearl Jam

Four Favorite Singers/Groups (in no order)
1. Iron Maiden
2. White Stripes
3. Guns N Roses
4. Pink Floyd

Four All-Time Favorite TV Shows
1. Blackadder
2. Buffy
3. Red Dwarf
4. Dungeons & Dragons

Four Things You Love About Where You Live
1. They finally built a Pizza Hut here!
2. It`s pretty quiet
3. It`s close to work
4. Northern people ;)

Four Things You Don't Like About Where You Live
1. It`s too close to work, heh
2. The weather
3. Smelly steelworks
4. Sometimes the people

Four Favorite Meals
1. Fish n Chips
2. Pizza
3. Fajhitas (sp?)
4. Sausage & Mash

Ok, i`m done here. I won`t be cruel and tag anybody else with this...yet.

Okay, have to go do stuff then it`s off to Ikea!