Saturday, January 07, 2006

Long day

Well i`m just waiting for my bath to finish running then i`m off for a relaxing soak and listen to the Mike Tech Show for some good ol` geeky podcast fun.

Made a tentative start to demolish the bathroom for our new suite, which we bought today. Put AVG on my dad`s computer (and instantly found a Trojan...yeah, thanks Norton AV!) and just finished watching Madagascar.

So a busy day. Managed to stay calm, relaxed and reasonably stress free so nothing to rant about. In short...i`m feeling mellow.

Although this Belgian beer i`m drinking is helping.

So I shall introduce my first blogspace rentee. Beanhead, who I picked for having some decent taste in music and films (i.e. Saving Private Ryan, and Guns n Roses) and has the coolest Blog title pic i`ve seen so far. Ahem, other than gemmak`s of course!

So now dear reader I shall depart and continue this mellowness in a nice hot bath.