Sunday, January 15, 2006


...the weather that is. Not me.

Well actually and me. I`m getting a cold. A man cold obviously. Which as we all know means it`ll be something akin to malaria.

It`s only small at the minute. But I can feel it growing in my head. Slight sore throat, starting to get a headache and bunged up nose. Zara has taken over my mum`s role of stuffing vitamins down me and buying Lucozade. Which i am out of as I drank a full bottle yesterday.

So here I sit in my dressing gown and wooly hat (no i`m not going to take a picture!) drinking hot chocolate and eating Nice biscuits.

So before I forget i`ll give a shoutout to my newest tenant. The very lovely Stephanie at her Mystickal Incense & More blog. Go check it out for the cool stuff she makes and cool things she says. Oh and she has cute pics too.

And speaking of cute things. Mikey, our lone male guinea pig has found a friend. We have mice living in the walls of our shed where we house the guinea pigs during winter. Well I guess one mouse has been disowned by the other or Mikey is better company `cos the last couple of days Zara has gone to put them out in their runs to find Mikey cosying up to this little fella...all together now.....