Saturday, January 07, 2006


Well Christmas is well and truly over for another year. It`s my last weekend of the holidays.

The tree is down and shoved back in the loft.
The tinsel has been removed from everything it was able to be draped round
The cards are piled up ready to be recycled.

I hate this part of Christmas. Now it`s just a cold, miserable time of year.

Although we do still have a fair bit of food and drink to get through. It`s always the same. Always end up buying twice as much as is humanly possible to get through in 2 weeks....maybe we should freeze it until next year!

Well onto happier things. My Frappr map is starting to fill up. Well when I say fill up I mean there`s more than just me n gemmak on there!...thanks to Kitty and my girlfriend (finally!) And my first non UK frappr gabrielle from Indonesia. Wooo, i`ve gone international!