Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thirteen Things about My New Year Week

1. Didn`t get too drunk and make an idiot of myself on New Year, for a change.
2. Got way too impatient at my girlfriend for stupid things.
3. Didn`t win the lottery...again.
4. Measured the bathroom for R to come and do all the difficult stuff.
5. Picked our new fridge freezer...I think.
6. Finally got round to emailing an old friend for her birthday.
7. Got up early for the first time this year! wooo!!
8. Caught up on all my podcast listening.
9. Fixed the living room fire after my mum worried it was broken.
10. Got past Mission 2 on Dawn of War: Winter Assault..damn it`s hard!!
11. Ate all the Cadbury`s Chocolate Fingers...oop..sorry Z x
12. Watched the BBC version of Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.
13. Struggled to think of what i`ve done all week so I can list it here.

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