Sunday, January 22, 2006

To avoid disappointment..

Well it`s getting late and i`m tired so I wasn`t going to post anything tonight until Zara said 'you haven`t written anything'...'you`ve been in the bath'...'you always write something when you`re in the bath'.

So here it is.

My post bath post, heh.

I guess all I can say is bathrooms! i`m sick of seeing bathrooms. Talking bathrooms. Bathroom wallpaper, bathroom tiles, bathroom flooring, bathroom accessories.

Yes, we have started the redecorating, redesigning and anything else beginning in 're' of the bathroom.

Spent most of yesterday with girlfriend and mother going round Ikea. My mum has never been before so it was like taking a kiddie round a toy store.

So did we buy anything? yes...a shower curtain.

At least it was a cheap(ish) shopping trip. Went with a list of about 30 things and ended up buying about 3.

So today was spent going round diy stores picking out tiles and flooring and wallpaper. Decisions were made, choices were chosen. And after yo-yoing between B&Q, Homebase and Focus we found the optimum combination of tile, wallpaper and floor tile.

So i`ve been ripping old tiles off the wall, which is great for stress relief. And as all DIY projects go it all ended in a falling out between me and Zara.

But all is well again in Paddy Towers. One wall is tile free, I even cleaned up after my destruction.

So now all I have to do is go through that another 3 times before we can start taking out the old bath, sink and toilet. Assuming the new suite gets delivered!

I`m going to work tomorrow for a rest!