Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Turn it up!

Ok, that`s it. I`ve had enought of winter now. Can we turn the temperature up a bit.

I didn`t mind when I was off work and could stay inside all day. But now....well it`s just too damn cold for me. I`m a wuss I know. But there`s only so many layers of clothing I can put on before any sort of movement becomes difficult.

I know it`s not really THAT cold yet. But to my body it may as well be the antarctic. Maybe I need better thermals. Furry underwear. At least I have my Donnington wolly hat back after ZARA lost it down the back of the settee ;)

I think I want to be a cat. Garfield can sit outside all day on the frozen ground and it doesn`t seem to phase him. And after a hard day at the office (i.e. stalking mice in the shed) this is how he spends his evenings. Not a bad life. Yeah, I want to be a cat.

Anybody wanna put a saucer of milk down for me and call me trixie?
Thought not.