Sunday, January 08, 2006

T`was the night!!


Back to normal tomorrow. I knew it all had to come to an end. But damn it...just another week sitting around watching tv all day wouldn`t hurt!

Well, not quite a normal day tomorrow as it`s my gf`s birthday. Got all the presents to wrap yet.

Been attempting to make a cake for her, under her supervision of course...the kitchen is completely not my domain anymore. And i`ve made a card that i`m quite pleased with.

She`s the creative one. Cake decorating, card making, present making, photography. She`s just way over talented in all these things. Still. Ask her to click in the menu bar on her pc and she`s lost. So there`s hope for me yet.

Not looking forward to tomorrow. I`ve managed to avoid the outside world (other than going shopping and visiting family) up until now. Just been in my own little cocoon. Well, me, my gf, 2 cats, 3 guinea pigs and a rat. So it`s not that little a cocoon.

So my usual mundane ramblings will soon be replaced with mucho ranting about my workplace...I bet you can hardly wait!