Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Upload, upload, upload!

Ok, feeling mellow. Chilled out. Relaxed.
Downright sleepy infact!

So this will be more of a mumble than a coherent post (so what`s new I hear you cry!)

I have nothing to whinge about, no rant about work. Life is peachy.

Due to the fact i`ve only just learnt that NTL have dropped the 3Gb a month cap on upload/downloads i`ve been adding pictures and videos like mad.

So anyone who is interested. And didn`t get an invite email off me here are the pages for my pics and vids.

Daily Motion videos
Flickr Pics

Again, all work is excellently produced by Zara and uploaded by yours truly. I`m a sucker for signing up on sites so if you know of anything similar or better I can add my already overworked email address to then let me know.

Sigh, so that`s it really. I think i`m just too tired to post anything interesting. Or maybe i`ve just had a dull day.

Maybe I should wait to be tagged so I can answer some indepth questions ;)