Monday, January 23, 2006

Won´t U be my neighbour?

Ok, so I nicked a line from an Ugly Kid Joe song for my title. It`s hard thinking of new titles damnit!

Anyway, introducing my new tenant Stacie from Mommy`s busy, take a number. I actually had quite a few bidders to be my tenant this week. Maybe i`m getting more popular, heh.

I think what really tipped it in her favour was the fact she has more animals than us (and children, although we don`t have any so not sure if that counts!). Also her site is pretty much all pink which will piss Zara off, which is another point in her favour, heh.

Well my mind is a blank tonight. I`m sure there was stuff I wanted to say but I think it`s gone and dribbled out my ears.

Don`t you just hate it when that happens.