Saturday, February 18, 2006


I think i`m in heaven.
If heaven is a nice hot *new* bath, then yes, I`m in heaven.

So, if you`ve been reading the past few posts you`ll know what i`m on about. If not then...well...WELL THE HELL YOU BEEN? heh.

We have a new bathroom!! Wooo!

We have a toilet with a trendy push button flush, a nice big wide bath a big ol` sink (that doesn`t leak anymore). And a shower with enough pressure that it feels like you`re being hit by a water cannon.

I like. I like a lot.

Zara has been taking pictures so I`ll post some exciting shots of the bath, etc. Don`t worry. I`ll make sure i`m not in any of these ones.

It`s been a hell of a week. 'R' has worked miracles to get done what he has. In comparison we get to do all the easy stuff. Wallpapering, tiling and putting the floor tiles down. Not looking forward to any of it as it`s all stuff i`ve ever done before.

Garfield isn`t too keen on the new layout tho. No comfy toilet cover to sit on and he can`t get on the sink. He`s letting us know about it!

All this and looking after a new guinea pig...well...temporarily. But i`ll save that until tomorrow.