Sunday, February 12, 2006

B-Day -1

The crew are, Zara`s mum and Rod. We`ve let them have our bedroom as the only guest room we have is the computer with a small folding out bed/settee. It also means i`m closer to my computer ;)

So here I sit on the edge of my 'bed' with a rat sat up my dressing gown sleeve. I`m beginning to think the animals are the ones with the most sense. They don`t fill their lives with the stresses us humans do.

More to the point, they don`t feel the need to redecorate their living area/toilet area. Ok, so i`m getting a little stressed about the impending bathroom refit. This is seriously unknown territory for me and part of me is regretting starting it.

I know it`ll be alright in the end. But it`s that feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down and getting that sinking feeling that it`s going to really really hurt.

I`m just going to go with the flow. Whatever Rod says is the right thing to do I`m gonna go with. Cos I don`t have a clue. And anyway, Zara will probably be doing enough disagreeing for the both of us.

To pick a line from my favourite film to sum up how I feel right now. I`ll have to rely on Star Wars ;)

"Help me Obi Wan you`re my only hope"