Saturday, February 11, 2006

B-Day -2

The day the new bathroom suite gets fitted is close at hand. All the old tiles are off. Including most of the plaster! Zara had great fun with expanding foam. She just has to wait 6 hours to get the damn stuff off her hands before she can do anything again.

I, of course, was in a terrible mood doing all of this. I`m just not a DIY`er. I hate it. It`s probably because i`m no good at it. I don`t know what i`m doing. So Zara`s mum and Rod are coming up tomorrow night to help over the next week.

I`ve got Monday off, and i`m thinking of spending the day in the pub.

Despite all these little hiccups we`re ready to go. The suite is in the garage, along with the tiles, tile adhesive. Wallpaper, floor tiles and a large bottle of whisky.

Of course now we just have to hope we can get into the bathroom tomorrow after Zara`s mad expanding foam frenzy!